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Metallurgic Repair Company Ltd. (HPR Sp. z o.o.) established in 1997 as the consequence of restructuring KGHM "Polska Miedź" S.A. in Lubin has its head office in Legnica – the city located near the maintrade and communication routes between the Eastem and Westem Europe. In the close vicinity, there are both Gennan and Czech boundaries, where HPR renders its services in the following branches: mechanical, structural, electric assembly, installation and crane repair. The Company employs qualified workers authorized for electric and energetic works, welding attendance, engineering and sanitary systems. We also have The Technical Supervision Office certificates (for Poland). According to Polish Standard 87/M 69009 (ISO 6213-1983) HPR has been classified, by Wending Institute in Gliwice, as 1 st group plant in respect of wending and it holds all necessary authorizations. The Company various machineries, devices, tools, apparatus and equipment for a wide range of works.

Recently, our company has done many modernizations and investment works in the area of Lower Silesia. The following examples are some of them:

  • industrial installations (high voltage, low voltage, lighting, computer, television) in a flow-meters factory SBT Polska in   Legnica Special Economic Zone,
  • modernization of overhead crane (80 m span) in MPEC in Świdnica,
  • modernization of a lift in one of the shafts in Rudna Mining Plant,
  • modernization ofthe process line in Ksante Spółka z o.o.,
  • assembling machinery and appliances in Wrocław Faience Plant,
  • routine repairs of machines, devices and technology and power networks in KGHM "Polska Miedź S.A." Division Huta Miedzi    "Legnica" ("Legnica" Copper Plant).


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machinery and equipment in production lines, such as: pumps, fans, compressors, forklifts


cranes, overhead cranes, conveyors, halls, beams, columns flyovers, angle couplings, etc.


sheet metal, blacksmith, carpentry, machining, cutting, welding; research and technical expertise


electrical, water - sewage networks, gas networks, high voltage and low voltage distribution boards, all steel constructions


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HPR Sp. z o.o.
ul. Złotoryjska 125
59-220 Legnica

tel.  76 862-31-05   76 862-31-43   inner 101
fax: 76 862-31-05   76 862-31-43   inner 25
e-mail: sekretariat@hpr.pl

Board of the Company
Marek Szczerbiak – President of the Board
Bożena Kaźmierska – Vice President of the Board

HPR Sp. z o.o. is registered in the District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna, IX Division of the National Court Register, under number KRS 0000114975. The amount of the share capital is 1.680.000 zł

NIP 691-17-97-710   REGON 390496183

bank account:
BNP PARIBAS Bank Polska S.A. Warszawa
92 1600 1462 0008 0347 0297 2001